Simple Merchant

Simple Merchant is focused on three major pillars: Discount Service, Mentorship Programs and Personal Development Reward in Real Estate.

Simple Merchant is an online community helping its members to get the best discounts, bonuses and deals across broad categories of their lifestyle needs. We leverage on our number to negotiate discounts with various merchants on behalf of our members. With this, our members use their discount cards (called Simple Merchant Discount Card) to take advantage of discounts, bonuses and offers on a variety of products or services provided by merchants with whom we have negotiated discount. Through this mutually-beneficial relationship, our merchants also get access to our large and growing community of Simple Merchant Discount Card users.

Simple Merchant Discount Cards are powered by the BeepPAY® Technology from BeepPAY® Transactions Limited. There are two cards, the Offline Payment Card and the Online Payment Card (ATM). Internationally, Simple Merchant Users can also access the BeepPAY® Dollar Card to enjoy International Discounts and Bonuses.

As part of the value added to the Membership of Simple Merchant, depending on the Category of Membership activated, members can access both the e-learning aspect and the offline training of the Beep e-Learning ACADEMY® in a program dubbed SISM; Smart Income Skills Mentorship Program. These special courses cut across e-learning, cryptocurrency, day to day skills training and human development programs. Our e-learning programs keeps members abreast of other e-opportunities of wealth creation. No member invests money for returns on investment whether within a short period or any duration at all and we do not run any investment of our own. Members take the decision on any third-party product, service or investment to which they want to subscribe and this is usually independent of Simple Merchant. We also often advise our members to scrutinize third parties with whom they want to engage in any business using our Simple Merchant Discount Card. This is contained in our Anti – Scam Policy.

In a bid to further give value to the Simple Merchant community, members can obtain e learning packages which gives them an opportunity to participate in the Simple Merchant City; a real estate project that is developed by BeepESTATES®. This eLEarning package comes with BMC Blocks which after 60 days is converted into the BMCoin; a crypto coin that is developed by BeepMagnet International. This coin is the medium of acquiring or co-owning an asset in this Real estate project. A full project breakdown and site layout can be downloaded from here.

We also grow our community through a performance-based marketing strategy in which a member is rewarded for every new member enlisted through the member’s marketing effort. A unique Dual Hybrid Compensation Plan is designed to put residual regular income into the pockets of Ambassadors or Independent Affiliates who push the Simple Merchant Ideology or its Products. The Compensation Plan is designed in a three UNILEVEL AFFILIATE MARKETING System that pays instantly and withdrawable into any of the Discount Cards.

Level 1 (all direct referrals) Pays out N6,600
Level 2 (all Level 1’s Direct Referrals) Pays out N8,700
Level 3 (all Level 2’s Direct Referrals) Pays out N13,800

A simple illustration:
If a member of Simple Merchant promotes the Simple Merchant Ideology and can be able to achieve 100 persons in 90 Days, he will earn N660,000 instantly on Level 1. If he mentors and encourages all his Level 1 Downlines to get 20 persons each, they will each make N132,000 while he makes over N17,000,000. If he encourages the Level 2 Downlines to talk to only 10 persons each, they will each make N66,000, Level 2 Downlines would make N87,000 each and the Initial Simple Merchant User would make N276,000,000. That’s how mind blowing this can be.

NOTE: The Compensation plan above is applicable on activation of the Silver Diamond package of N40,550. Other Packages of Silver Bronze (N16,550) and Silver Platinum (N25,550) have limited earnings on Levels 1 and 2 respectively and no earnings at all on Level 3.

Simple Merchant’s vision is to achieve an e-compliant country and continent at large. To that end, Simple Merchant periodically carries out charity project in schools with a bid to catch Youths and channel their attention to the e-space as a sure way to avert recession and help develop the economy. Already, 4 of this project has been accomplished within the space of 1 year in Onitsha, Asaba, Port-Harcourt and Enugu with Uyo still to come before the end of 2017.