Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Sign Up?
Registration is free, but to activate your membership package, pay the sum of N16,550 for Silver Bronze, N25,550 for Silver Platinum or N40, 550 either online via your Master Card/Visa Card or via Simple Merchant e-voucher. Your membership kit or discount card will be dispatched to you via shipping (cost of shipping applies).

Who is qualified to be a member?

  • Responsible professionals who are interested in creating a second source of income.
  • Individuals who are interested in get the best offer for the lowest discounts.
  • Individuals who wish to be entrepreneurs.
  • Individuals who are in need of support and empowerment.
  • Individuals ready to take advantage of our skill acquisition training and empowerment programs.
  • Individuals or organizations willing to empower their community as part of their CSR.
  • Business owners who desire to tap into our ecosystem, offer members discount and have ecosystem traffic directed to their organizations.

How can one monitor my referral network?
You have a back office created for you immediately your application is approved, you can monitor all the activities in your team once you log in with your unique details (User I.D & Password).

Can I register more than one account?
No, you are only obligated to have one account as the system tracks if you are real or robot. You need to submit your KYC. Your Simple Merchant Wallet is also linked to your Simple Merchant Discount ATM Card for withdrawal purposes hence a full KYC documentation and verification is needed.

What locations accept the Simple Merchant Discount Cards?
A list of all locations is populated with names, addresses, phone numbers and Location logos at the back office and also in the discount location app.

What is Simple Merchant SISM?
SISM stands for Smart Income Skills Mentorship. Simple Merchant SISM is an E-learning Program for GoldClub Members which is done by BeepAcademy. Beep eLearning Academy is a 10 years research and experience package, which is practical, prepared specifically to mentor, teach and empower people using the e-space as leverage. The SISM is meant to be dynamic and evolves as new information is updated from time to time.

What is my benefit if I upgraded from Bronze to Platinum or Diamond SISM packages?

  • As a Bronze SISM package holder you can only earn N5400 from your first 3 direct referrals. This gives you an option to upgrade to silver SISM package holder so that from your 4th referral to infinity you continue to earn. Bronze SISM pays you unlimited N 5400 as long as you have activated or upgraded to Platinum SISM package or Have upgrade to Diamond SISM package.
  • As a Platinum SISM package holder, you are allowed to earn unlimited N5400 on all Bronze package referrals. You can only earn N8100 from your first 3 upgrades or activation on Platinum level. To earn unlimited you need to upgrade to Diamond SISM package.
  • As a Diamond SISM package holder, you can earn unlimited on all levels. That is Unlimited N5400 from Bronze, Unlimited N8100 from Platinum and Unlimited N13500 from Diamond Upgrades.
Income earned can be used for these upgrades.

How can I withdraw my earnings?
All wallets in the ecosystem are linked to the discount cards but offline and online Cards. Once withdrawals are done on the wallets and withdrawal approved, the Card is credited. Also, you can also transfer wallet from one account to the other using the member to member transfer option via creating an e-voucher of the amount needed.

I want to change my password/retrieve my password?
Any registered member can change his or her password by clicking on the “forgot password” option. A code would be sent to your registered phone number to enable you do a password change.